Problems We Solve

At Optimum Software Solutions, we solve problems. Often, complex & tedious problems. We have delivered solutions for private companies and government clients.

The links below describe a few problems we have solved for our customers. Perhaps we can solve a similar problem for you.

Need a thorough feasibility study?

Optimum Software Solutions can do the research necessary for your Go/noGo decision, help you evaluate your make-or-buy options or point you towards the best implementation strategy. Here is an example project.

Need custom software?

We can design, write and test your custom software using a number of top down, iterative or object oriented methodologies.

Need end to end software engineering life cycle services?

Optimum Software Solutions can be your single source for concept to delivery, of your software project; requirements to design, development, prototyping, implementation, integration, pilot deployment, certification.

Challenges facing your industry?

We work in many different industries including telecommunications, wireless and software development. Having worked in regulatory environments such as that required by FCC (Federal Communications Commission), we understand exactly what you need done and how, to become & remain standards compliant.

Can we solve a problem for you?

Our customers use our variety of system and application software engineering services to deploy their product, resolve complex software issues and complete their software development projects on time.

Contact us at 630-247-5480 or at to see how we can help today.

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